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Hope Lies Within is a progressive metal collaboration of 5 close friends doing what they love most. Each with similar outlooks, goals and ideas musically, they work together to give listeners something substantial to listen to. Hope Lies Within wanders from the norm of mainstream music and catches your attention by demonstrating raw emotion and strong musicianship all at once. They seamlessly blend elements of progressive rock, metal, jazz, RnB and classical voice to keep the sound original and very natural.

               Hope Lies Within stands their ground in an ever simplifying world of music. They remain committed to writing music with substance and depth. Listeners can enjoy discovering new and minute intricacies within their writing over time, yet a unique familiarity remains. They've become respected for the quality, skill and complexity of their music, yet their mischievous friendly nature keeps them grounded and easily approachable.  

Hope Lies Within makes every attempt to recreate their recorded level of sound during every show. They have shared the stage with greats like Saving Abel, All That Remains, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Taproot and many others.

With their groundbreaking new album complete, the diversity of musical taste and an ability to merge them seamlessly is to be admired. From a 600 year old arrangement of one of classical music's greatest pieces, to soulful groove oriented tracks, complex harmonic soloing, powerful ballads, guest solos and a strong core based in metal, Hope Lies Within provides you with unmatched diversity.

With new music constantly flowing down the pipe line their creative prowess and complete sound continues to impress.


The Bands History

2003 - 2006

       Hope Lies Within began originally as A Crimson Victory, a western Massachusetts garage band formed by original members Michael Hines (guitar), Marco Bonilla (bass) and Thomas Snyder (drums) in 2003. In late 2003 early 2004, Alex Patsenko was added to the band's line up as vocalist and the band was officially renamed Hope Lies Within.

After a short stint with Hope Lies Within, Alex went on to further his college education. In 2005, Frank Dixon was brought on as replacement singer and Kevin Casey joined as the band's second guitar player. Hope Lies Within began writing what was to be a never released E.P. for the current line up. However, creative differences began to arise with the new members. Kevin Casey was interested in a different path musically and the remaining members decided to part ways with vocalist Frank Dixon. New guitarist James Zabik stepped in as Kevin Casey's replacement.

         While attending Holyoke Community College (H.C.C.) for music in Holyoke Massachusetts, the band's creator Michael Hines met Uriah Rodriguez. Uriah had been studying classical voice but was very much interested in other musical projects. Mike convinced Uriah to join Hope Lies Within as it's new vocalist.

2006 - 2008

        Over the next two years, the band spent time writing all new material. The band discontinued the old material in light of the fact that Uriah is a low-voiced singer and the music sat uncomfortably high for him. In addition, the band's style and influences had begun to change as each member grew musically. Hope Lies Within quickly formed tight musical bonds and strong friendships.

        Hope Lies Within began recording it's first six song E.P. The Silent City which was released in 2007. The E.P. was very well received. Shortly after the release, tensions began mounting with the band and their ever absent drummer, Thomas Snyder. Snyder began to distance himself from Hope Lies Within for his own personal reasons and ultimately left the band.  "We were shocked but not surprised. We felt him growing further from us all the time. He needed to be with his family and we respect that."  Damien Tetrault, previously known as the drummer from the band I Am Disaster, joined to fill the gap and help keep the band's momentum alive while a more permanent replacement could be found.

2008 - 2010

        In late 2008, band members James Zabik and Michael Hines, decided to part ways with the band. This served to be one of the band's lowest yet defining moments. James cited he was no longer interested in making music and Michael was looking to enter the Christian Music world and later formed the band Astoria. The band being left without guitar players, Damien was no longer needed and he too went his own way.

 With just it's vocalist and bassist, Hope Lies Within stood in ruin. However the two remaining members were not yet willing to give up. Over the next two years, vocalist Uriah Rodriguez and bassist Marco Bonilla set out to replace the lost members of Hope Lies Within. They created open auditions and had seen hundreds of musicians. Hope Lies Within's remaining members were not only looking for replacements, they were looking to improve the musicianship of the band.

              There were a couple of musicians who had a short run with Hope Lies Within at the time yet they served to help bring in its current members. Jacob Lentner was the first guitarist brought on. Shortly after Jake joining, Bryan Klein joined on drums. At the time, they seemed like great fits for the band. Finding a second guitarist was proving to be more difficult as time went on. Bryan grew impatient and wanted to play shows. The rest of the members were concerned with this because Hope Lies Within's music contains lots of harmony and would have difficult with just one guitar.

Marco set out to find a fill in to play the shows the band had reluctantly agreed to. Daniel Nawskon was a good friend of Uriah and Marco and agreed to fill in temporarily on guitar. He was ultimately convinced to join  full time. However the tides continue to change as more line up changes were eminent. Dan had been jamming with a young drummer Steven Padla who was willing to come on board. Hope Lies Within agreed collectively that letting Bryan move on and bringing in Steve was the best thing for everyone. The band quickly began writing new music excited to begin a new adventure. In the summer of 2009, Jake decided he would no longer be available to the band because he would be moving to work out of state. The band persisted without a second guitarist for a small time. Soon after, Jake was replaced by now current member William Forbes.

2011 - 2012

After finally resolving the line up changes, Hope Lies Within began writing and recording. Over the course of the next year, the band created new music in a new style. Forging a new stronger bond, the members of Hope Lies Within have come to a point where they are ready to be heard.

Hope lies within is a collaboration of five close friends doing what they love most. Each with very similar outlooks, goals, and ideas of what really defines music. They hope to bring joy to the listener's ears by simply making music that wanders from the norm and catches your attention by demonstrating raw emotion and a strong core of musicianship all at once. In a nut shell, Hope Lies Within is a melodic metal/hard rock band that blends elements of progressive rock and classical voice to keep the sound original but also sound very natural. The number one goal for Hope Lies Within is to do what they love and have fun while doing it.

Their latest release is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the band. Other bands might have succumb to the pressures and many changes, however, Hope Lies Within used the struggle for growing and learning. All that the band had experienced up to this point, can be heard in and is a huge influence on the new album. Hope Lies Within self titled the album because they feel like it is very much a symbol of who they are. With this release, Hope Lies Within has already begun writing and recording a follow up album.


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