HLW's 2012 release is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the band.  All that the band had experienced up to this point, can be heard in and is a huge influence on this album. 

Hope Lies Within self titled the album because they feel like it is very much a symbol of who they are. This album features veteran guitarist Oli Herbert of "All That Remains" on the track "Blindside".  This album also features the classical remake of Shubert's "Der Erlkonig".

Hope Lies Within (Hope Lies Within)
Cry of The Weary
Hope Lies Within (Hope Lies Within)
Hope Lies Within (Hope Lies Within)
Der Erlkonig
Hope Lies Within (Hope Lies Within)
Hope Lies Within (Hope Lies Within)

HLW's 2007 freshmen release contains the hugely popular "Through The Eyes of Trepidation". While this is Hope Lies Within's first time out it is clear that they are a musical force to be reckoned with. 

Filled with catchy riffs and strong clean vocals mixed with just the right amount of growls, this EP marks the beginning of a journey into musical exploration for this band. 

Through The Eyes of Trepidation
Hope Lies Within (The Silent City)

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